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The future of vocational training -

a forklift simulator for the 21st century



The market for trained Forklift drivers is tough. Turnover is high and accidents from insufficiently trained drivers can be deadly. Efficient training is a must have. Raymond came to FreeRange XR looking to harness the power of Virtual Reality to build a simulator that would help save them time, save them money, and keep their employees safer. Just so happens, our Forklift Simulator was also a ton of fun to learn on.


Created a proof of concept prototype to show the efficacy of  VR and prove value to the client


Crafted a custom lesson plan and VR interface that could train a novice operator to the point of mastery


From one lesson on one Forklift model, we expanded the product to cover Raymond’s full product line across 12 different models as a tiered offering within an iterative process



Created a fully comprehensive training simulator with custom hardware that incorporates actual controls from Raymond Forklifts


Integrated with HTC Vive and Leap Motion hardware for full spatial and hand tracking, adding to immersion and accessibility


The initial program currently includes simulations for six (6) different models, presenting five (5) individual courses and incorporating 60+ lessons


“In my 30 yrs of training, I've never had an employee ask to do it again, until now."

HSE Manager


Benefits & Outcomes

The project won Raymond the MHI innovation award for 2018


Raymond is now selling this training product as a standalone product


Raymond is now looking into AR for their maintenance applications, XR has become a clear value for their bottom line


The training is so fun that people want to repeat it, virtually unheard of in the training industry

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