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BMW iX and i4 in Augmented Reality 



Sometimes it is difficult for consumers to make it into a showroom. We teamed up with Google and BMW USA to create a fast and seamless way to view the BMW iX and i4 from your smartphone.

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We set out to demonstrate the usefulness AR can have in the automotive industry. We wanted to allow users to be able to easily view and customize the BMW iX and i4 in their own living room or driveway, so they can tailor it to their own preference and lifestyle.

Our engineers and designers were tasked to recreate a 1:1 perfect replication of each vehicle in AR. This was done utilizing Google's Immersive Stream tech coupled with our tools and Unreal Engine expertise. Every detail down to the seat stitching was included. We added touchpoints for interacting with the car, such as tapping a phone screen for opening doors, pinching and pulling for resizing the cars, and finger dragging for moving the car around.



We created a fully immersive augmented reality experience, where users can choose models, open the doors, look through the interior, and customize the colors, all from their own smartphone.

Using Google Cloud's software, we were able to make this technology available to anyone on a variety of smartphones.


Any space now has the ability to become a 360° showroom. Allowing users to place the car into their own space helps them to get a better idea of how it would look and feel to own the car themselves.

FreeRangeXR is now one of three companies to partner with Google Cloud to bring XR experiences to life. Click here or watch the video below to learn more.

Want to try it out yourself? Scan the QR code to enter the AR experience

Or Mobile users click here to begin your AR experience. 

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This AR experience is only available on iOS and android devices

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