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Visualizing the power of electric vehicles through Augmented Reality


Engaging audiences at tradeshows is no small feat.  Let alone educating them about abstract concepts like renewable energy.  EZEV knew brochures and keychains wouldn’t work. So when they approached FreeRange XR to help sell the concept of electric vehicles on the show floor, we turned to a mobile Augmented Reality solution to bring their story to life.


Decided an interactive experience would be the best way to engage audiences while showcasing the advantage of EVs over traditional internal combustion engines  


Our experienced engineers and developers used our games based background to create a fun and engaging AR app that was delivered on time and on budget  


The experience highlighted functions such as torque and low center of gravity to better help people understand the underlying differences and advantages between electric and internal combustion



Designed, implemented, and deployed an AR slot car racing game that customers could download to their phones by scanning a QR code on their brochures."


Highlighted features of EVs with race statistics in game, including costs of fuel, CO2 emissions, and other key information



EZEV got to break the mold of the cliché convention approach by engaging their customers with a novel and memorable interactive experience using cutting edge mobile technology

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