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  • Why do I have to confirm seeing the health notice every time I return to the main menu?
    There is no way for the headset to know who is wearing it, but it is important that each user be aware of the health and safety information.
  • I can't see one of my hands in VR. What is wrong?
    Most likely the battery in the controller needs to be replaced. If that doesn't work, you can try to re-pair the controller to the headset.
  • My students keep running into a grid. How do I fix that?
    The Oculus Guardian can be reset from the headset. Make sure the headset is set for RoomScale Guardian. All FreeRangeXR VR experiences assume a 10ftx10ft (3mx3m) space available. Also check that the student starts in the center of that square.
  • What do I do if a student is outside the VR area or unable to reach an area or object?
    Help the student physically move to the center of your space, then press and hold the Oculus button until the area re-aligns itself. If that doesn't work, you should quit the app, and launch again. Hint: Make sure students start the app at the center of your space, especially after another student has done a lesson.
  • What to do I do if a student loses a tool or other piece of gear in a lesson and can't complete the lesson?
    Most of the time the gear will respawn, but it is possible to discard gear outside the play area. If that happens the student will need to exit the lesson and restart.
  • Fall Protection & Confined Spaces: Why did I fall even though I was on the edge?
    The Oculus VR system determines your body's location in VR based on the location of the headset and assumes that the body is directly under it. So if you lean over an edge, the Oculus software interprets that to mean your whole body is over the edge.
  • Fall Protection: How do I attach the lanyard to my harness?
    Pick up the small end of the lanyard, hold it up over your shoulder, release. It should automatically attach.
  • Fire Suppression: The mascot said the fire got out of control and I should exit the room. I did, why didn't I pass the lesson?"
    Exiting the room IS the correct action in that case. However, we want everyone to successfully extinguish 3-5 fires before passing the lesson.
  • Lock Out / Tag Out: Which set of switches do I need to use to turn off power to the pump?
    The switch has a number that matches the one on the pump [3].
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