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In our Fire Suppression simulation, we show you proper use of a fire extinguisher within a common workplace scenario. You will experience several incipient stage fires, apply the PASS System to extinguish them, and be given a final grade based on how well you react to these intense real-world situations.

To complete our virtual reality Fire Suppression simulation, users will have to:

  1. Trigger the fire alarm

  2. Pull the pin out of the fire extinguisher

  3. Properly operate the fire extinguisher

  4. Extinguish all fires quickly

  5. Avoid severe smoke inhalation

  6. Avoid receiving severe burns

Fire Suppression Img 3.jpg

This module is a safe, inexpensive, and highly efficient way to simulate a real-world fire emergency. Train a team quickly, without burning objects, without smoke inhalation, and without wasting CO2. This immersive learning program works great as part of any existing emergency response training programs, as an addition to your existing OSHA training programs, and in tandem with our VR AED and CPR lessons. Better yet, you can bundle the module as part of our Industrial Safety or Workplace Safety packages. Whether you work in an office or on a construction site, in civic service or the private sector, proper fire suppression education can save lives. Schedule a demo with us or get a quote by contacting us today.


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