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In our Lock Out Tag Out simulation, you will identify and mitigate hazards, allowing maintenance and other service-related activities to be performed safely. You'll learn how to select the correct Lock Out devices, isolate dangerous energy sources to critical equipment, notify personnel, disconnect energy sources while verifying Lock Out Tag Out is in place, and lastly renotify personnel before bringing equipment back online.

To complete our virtual reality Lock Out Tag Out simulation, users must:

  1. Select appropriate equipment

  2. Notify all affected coworkers 

  3. Use and apply locks and tags correctly

  4. Service affected equipment

  5. Check for residual energy

  6. Confirm power disconnect

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This module works great as an addition to your existing OSHA training programs. Better yet, you can bundle the module as part of our Industrial Safety package that includes Fall Protection and Confined Spaces. Whether you work in construction or the energy industry, the public sector or private, our simulations can save you time and money. There's no need to use expensive equipment or transport trainees to a training site. You can train safer, faster, and better in VR. Schedule a demo with us or get a quote by contacting us today.


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