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In this scenario, you'll learn about healthy behaviors in the workplace. Shrink down to the microscopic size of bacteria and viruses. Interact and learn about how they spread and cause disease. Return to the workplace to practice safe behaviors such as donning a mask, social distancing, engineering controls, cleaning surfaces, and correctly washing your hands. People learn by doing. Virtual environments provide a fun, safe, and engaging way to offer behavior based learning.

To pass our Virus Vision virtual reality learning module, users will:

  1. Shrink down to microscopic size

  2. Learn about common microscopic organisms and how they spread

  3. Learn about proper cleaning of surfaces

  4. Learn proper hand washing technique

  5. Learn about proper use of PPE

  6. Learn about social distancing and ways to circulate air flow

Infection Img 3

As society re-enters the workplace. vigilance against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases is vital. This module works great as part of any existing food safety programs, as an addition to existing Bloodborne Pathogens OSHA training programs, or for training programs for employees sharing office space. You can bundle the module as part of our Workplace Safety package. Whether you work in an office or in a food processing plant, in civic service or the private sector, more than ever proper hygiene and cleanliness is essential to the modern workplace. Schedule a demo with us or get a quote by contacting us today.


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