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Stunning WSJ Report: How OSHA Struggled to Enforce Workplace Safety During the Pandemic

A shocking report by the Wall Street Journal unveiled how OSHA struggled to enforce workplace safety during the pandemic. The Wall Street Journal identified more than 1000 worker deaths linked to COVID-19, that circumstances suggest transmission of the virus in the workplace, but that were never investigated by an OSHA agency as of early February 2021.

With many visits done virtually, and with the pandemic bringing about entirely new rules to how workplaces function, it's little wonder how this came about. When the team at FreeRangeXR designed their workplace safety trainings, they also kept sanitation in mind. So along with modules on CPR, AED, and Fall Protection there are trainings on virus safety that reinforces rules on social distancing and wearing PPP.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, OSHA is potentially ramping up enforcement, and they are making changes to their approach. Enforcing workplace safety isn't just the responsibility of the government, but of everyone at a job. Better trained employees means fewer mistakes, fewer accidents, and more lives saved. Contact us for a free demo or quote, and find out how you can save money, stay safe, and have fun when training.

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