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The Benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions for Employee Training

Hello, readers! We here at FreeRangeXR are known for our Virtual Reality (VR) solutions and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for company employee training. Years back, we set out to build cutting-edge instruction modules that created more effective and memorable learning experiences. Why should employee training be boring? By using gamification principles in our modules, we have created a much more entertaining and engaging experience than a monotonous classroom alternative. Knowing your co-workers are prepared in any situation allows you to better focus on the work at hand. VR allows for immersive and interactive learning experiences, making it a powerful tool for companies looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of employee instruction and development.

Benefits of employing our VR solutions include:

  1. Realistic experiences: VR can create realistic simulations of work environments and tasks, allowing employees to practice and learn in a safe and controlled environment. This is especially useful for instruction in high-risk or hazardous industries, where it may not be safe to conduct hands-on instruction. According to OSHA’s Fall Protection webpage, “falls are the most common causes of workplace injury and death.” Our Fall Protection module allows users to safely practice maneuvering a high stakes situation without actually putting themselves in that situation.

  2. Engaging and interactive instruction: For the tech-savvy, video game generations, VR instruction is more engaging and interactive than traditional instruction methods. The student is immersed in a world where their complete attention is required with no distractions. It also allows for hands-on learning and the ability to make decisions and see the consequences in real time. This increases retention and understanding of material. Producer Steve Scholz talks about how we took teaching methodology and applied it into the development of our Fire Suppression module in this blog.

  3. Customization: VR instruction can be customized to meet the specific needs and goals of a company or individual, allowing for personalized and targeted learning. We took our Confined Space Entry learning solution and customized it for the team at Draeger to include their product. This can help to ensure that instruction is relevant and applicable to the needs of the business.

  4. Cost-effective: VR instruction is more cost-effective than traditional instruction methods, as it reduces the need for physical materials and the costs associated with travel and accommodations. It is also more convenient for employees, as instruction can be completed from any location with a VR headset. We developed the Forklift Safety VR simulator with Raymond Corp. This allows instructors and students to practice forklift driving without having to pull expensive equipment from a warehouse floor and continue the utilization of active warehouse space, versus using that space for instruction.

VR solutions are a valuable addition to a company's instruction program, helping to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of employee instruction and development. Interested in learning more about FreeRangeXR? Contact us to learn more.


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